Creating a Resume that Gets Attention

Job Country 20 Mar, 2018

Include Keywords Bots Will Discover

Many companies use software “bots” to identify potential candidates based on certain keywords. This can be skills you have, years of experience, specialized training, education, and talents that make you an asset. Make sure you sprinkle these keywords throughout your resume.

Format Resume for Easy Skimming

Once the bots have determined interest in your resume, it’s time for real humans to review the information it contains. The best thing you can do is format your resume, so they can easily skin the various sections to find specific information they are interested in knowing about you.

Use Specific Language, Facts, and Figures When Detailing Your Accomplishments

Explain that you were part of the team responsible for saving your organization $XX,XXX in 2016 and how you did it or that under your leadership your team increased sales revenue by 24% in 2013. Be specific and shine a light on your accomplishments.

Eliminate Unnecessary Information

While companies once expected resumes to provide copious amounts of useless information, today’s organizations are looking for expedience rather than life stories. Keep it short and sweet and include details relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Always remember, the primary purpose of a resume is to pique interest in you as a potential employee. The interview is where you really sell yourself to interested employers. Keep your resume on point and use it as an opportunity to “whet the appetites” of employers, so they will want to get to know more about you.